The Tough Kid Book, 3rd ed.


The Tough Kid Book, 3rd ed.

Authors: Ginger Rhode, William R. Jenson, and Natalie Allen Williams

For Grades: 18

Edition: Third

ISBN: 978-59909-108-2

Publication Date: 2020

Details: 336 pp. plus downloadable forms and other materials

Product ID: 108-2

Price: $49

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This book guides you through the process of identifying and assessing Tough Kids. It provides suggestions for structuring your classroom to ensure success for all kids—including the most difficult. Step-by-step instructions explain how to implement both positive and corrective strategies for classrooms, groups, and individual students. Advanced behavior strategies such as Tootling, Contracts, Self-Monitoring, and more are designed specifically for Tough Kids. For Tough Kids currently in special placements, the Tough Kid Generalization Model offers a detailed plan for returning them successfully to the general education classroom.

All techniques presented in The Tough Kid Book have been shown to be effective by rigorous research.

New and updated in the third edition:

  • Advanced strategies such as Tootling and Clean Your Plate to teach and encourage Tough Kids to demonstrate positive behaviors such as praising classmates and completing their independent work
  • Techniques to improve academic engagement and performance
  • Tips for using a functional behavior assessment to uncover the function of a misbehavior
  • Executive functioning skills and the Tough Kid
  • How to select and teach classroom rules