The Tough Kid Social Skills Book

The Tough Kid
Social Skills Book

For Grades: 37

ISBN: 978-1-59909-041-2

Publication Date: 2010

Details: 208 pp. (spiral bound) and 1 CD with 47 pp. fillable reproducible forms

Product ID: 041-2

Price: $38

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Tough Kids often have a difficult time getting along in social situations, largely because they have not learned appropriate ways of behaving. The Tough Kid Social Skills Book teaches those learned behaviors that students need to get along successfully in a majority of social situations.

This book can help teachers, school psychologists, school behaviorists, school counselors, school social workers, and other support staff implement social skills programs for Tough Kids that teach:

  • Body Basics
  • Joining in
  • Recognizing and expressing feelings
  • Having a conversation
  • Playing cooperatively
  • Solving problems
  • Using self-control
  • Solving arguments
  • Dealing with teasing
  • Dealing with being left out
  • Accepting "No"

The book contains a variety of tools and strategies to help:

  • Identify Tough Kids in need of direct social skills training.
  • Gather data to assess important social skills.
  • Lead productive social skills groups.
  • Conduct structured social skills programs in small group, classroom, or schoolwide applications.

Help the Tough Kids in your class learn the skills they need to be successful in social situations!