Parenting Through Tough Kid Moments


Parenting Through Tough Kid Moments

For Ages: 313

ISBN: 978-1-59909-088-7

Publication Date: 2018

Details: 256 pp.

Product ID: 088-7

Price: $32

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Children are perfect—except when they aren’t. As children are growing up, tantrums, acting out, and arguing happen.

All kids have Tough Kid moments. Parenting Through Tough Kid Moments offers positive, proven strategies for working through the difficult times. Learn how to:

  • Set household rules
    Use “timeout” effectively, even when you are not at home
    Develop good habits for the future with the Habit Builder program
    Harness the power of the three keys to family management
    Use specific and research-validated reinforcement systems that can be customized to your child and family, and much more
Parenting Through Tough Kid Moments includes forms and checklists for dozens of thought-provoking, helpful activities. Troubleshooting guides help with very specific situations that may arise with your child as you learn to help her build positive habits at home, at school, and in the community.

Ideal for parent groups, family resource centers, and anyone who needs a little extra support parenting through those Tough Kid moments.


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