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The Tough Kid New Teacher Book

The Tough Kid
New Teacher Book

For Grades: K–12

ISBN: 978-1-59909-037-5

Publication Date: 2009

Details: 120 pp.

Product ID: 037-5

Price: $22

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Our first year in a classroom with 26 high-energy children can be a delightful experience—but it can be daunting as well! So many minds to nourish and each one so radically different! Are you wishing you had just a few more tools in your toolbelt?

The Tough Kid New Teacher Book is an essential resource for anyone new to teaching—a practical, easy-to-use guide to managing even the most challenging classroom. The book focuses on strategies you can learn quickly and implement immediately.

You will learn how to employ proven, research-based strategies to:

  • Set a positive tone for the entire school year by carefully planning for the first few days of school.
  • Create a positive learning environment with classroom rules and routines.
  • Use Precision Requests to increase student compliance.
  • Establish and enforce positive and negative consequences for student behavior.
  • Deal effectively with kids who misbehave again and again.
  • Put an end to particularly bothersome behaviors such as swearing, talk-outs, disrespectful interactions, and noncompliance.
  • Reduce your own stress and frustration.

Spend your time teaching, not disciplining. The Tough Kid New Teacher Book will help you make your first year a happy and successful start to a fulfilling career.