The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts

The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts

For Grades: 1-6

ISBN: 978-1-59909-036-8

Publication Date: 2009

Details: 1 DVD (46 min)

Product ID: 036-8

Price: $100

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Fast-hands animation provides an engaging presentation of six skills for preventing and reducing bullying. Students are compelled to watch and in the process learn the concepts. How will the artist portray the bully, the bystander, and the bully blocker? After watching each short, the stage is set for discussing what makes a bully, how to block a bully, how to resolve conflict, and how to make your school bully free.

Reduce and prevent bullying!

Complement the animation of The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts with indepth-lessons from The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Book.

Video Titles and Run Times

  1. Learning About Bullying (7:10)
  2. Bully Blocker Tools (10:14)
  3. Friendship Builders (6:20)
  4. Problem Solvers (8:37)
  5. Respecting Differences (6:01)
  6. Confidence Boosters (7:38)