The Tough Kid Parent Book

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The Tough Kid Parent Book

For Ages: 3–13

ISBN: 978-1-59909-039-9

Publication Date: 2010

Details: 256 pp.

Product ID: 039-9

Price: $14.95

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Are you working with families that have kids who argue, throw tantrums, and refuse to cooperate at school and at home?

Many parents will appreciate a resource that helps them through difficult times—no matter how frequently they occur.

The Tough Kid Parent Book provides parents with effective tools and strategies for how to:

  • Get a child to mind—without losing yours!
  • Deal positively and effectively with bad behavior in public places.
  • Deal with arguing, impulsive behavior, temper tantrums, talking back, and noncompliance.
  • Handle challenging times—bedtime, meals, trips, and time with the baby sitter.
  • Teach children problem-solving skills, self-management, and good social skills.
  • Forge a productive home-school connection.
  • Deal with extremely difficult behaviors such as stealing, fire setting, smoking, drinking, and drug use.
Every Tough Kid Parent Book chapter provides positive, proven strategies for managing "tough" behaviors. Parents will find helpful, thought-provoking activities, checklists, and troubleshooting guides to remedy misbehavior and build positive habits.

A great resource for parenting classes—help make life with kids fun and rewarding!